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  2. OEM/ODM PMMA CNC Machining Parts
  3. OEM/ODM PMMA CNC Machining Parts
  4. OEM/ODM PMMA CNC Machining Parts

OEM/ODM PMMA CNC Machining Parts

KYLT CNC machined Plastic products,most use materials as: POM(Derlin)/Teflon/NyLon/PMMA(Acrylic)/PEI (Ultem). +8618706114623

  1. Detailed information

PMMA machining parts most used for protect door or some machanical structure which require clearance visual.

POM with good hardness &wear resistance functions. Mainly used for gear, bearing, auto parts, machine tools/Fixture/Jig, instruments and other parts of the skeleton of the role of the product.

KYLT CNC machined Plastic products,most use materials as: POM(Derlin)/Teflon/NyLon/PMMA(Acrylic)/PEI (Ultem).

KYLT OEM/ODM Brass/Aluminium/Magnesium/Stainless steel/Plastic Precision CNC Machining service, With WEDM,EDM, LATHING etc service, provide all kinds of fixtures/Jigs/Toolings for products holding, Quality checking etc.

KYLT Fixture/Tooling CNC Machining Materials involve:Aluminum(6061/6063/6082/7075/2011) , Magnesium Alloy, Stainless steel , Brass , Copper, Iron, Steel(4140,4340) , POM(Derlin), Teflon,  NyLon, PMMA(Acrylic), PEI (Ultem), etc

We provide Surface Treatment Finished as:Painting, Powder coating, Dacromet,all kinds of Shacking Polish, Anodizing & Sandblasting,Shot blasting, brushing, polishing , Chrome / Zinc / Nickle plating, etc
Our working Processes:CNC Machining, CNC turning & milling, Wire cut (WEMD)& EDM, grinding, welding, Assembly etc...
CNC machining Usages & Application:
--- Industrial Equipment & Components,
--- Machine Tools Accessories,
--- Tools, Hardware, Computer parts
--- Electrical & Electronic products,
--- Lighting & LED flashlight,
--- Furniture Products,
--- Housing Instrument & Meter Accessories,
--- Auto parts & Motor Accessories,
--- Light  Industry & Daily Use,
--- Security product & Guard tour system Accessories , etc

Our Equipments 

KYLT CNC Machining working Advantages:
1.Over 10 years' experiences on Aluminum/Magnesium CNC machinery parts of defence and commercial products and export to the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan,Spain and the Netherlands etc.Expecially Magnesium alloy CNC Machining products with thin walls most for army industry.
2.Experienced engineers with good skill in programming, moulds/fixtures/tooling/workpieces design and making.
3.Proe, UG, Solidworks, Mastercam and CAD etc Softwares be used.
4.OEM and ODM services to our customer.
5.Tight schedule quick prototype manufacturing to guarantee delivery in time.(24hours not stop working is required.)
6.MOQ can be 1 to 5 pieces according to customer's demand.
7.Safe packing to guarantee workpiece not be damaged.

8.We will choose the best way to shipping cargos,help end users save cost & to received products in time.Vessel, Air, Express (TNT,FedEx,DHL etc) shipping methods can be choosed as per clients' demand.

KYLT aim to provide one-stop service for our customers.
Any questions, please feel free contact with us:

KYLT precision Fixture/Tooling/Jigs Made of Aluminum 7075/6061/6063, Magnesium, Brass/Copper, Stainless Steel, Iron, Plastic POM (Derlin) /Teflon/Nylon/PMMA (Acrylic) /Pei (Ultem) CNC Machining Rapid Prototype Products. whatsapp:+008618706114623

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